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Big Corona

Big Corona state beach attracts a lot of tourists seeking soem clean sand and a place to get together around a fire pit.

Back in the day, high school friends would gather in the south end of the beach and hangout and play volleyball during the summer.

When a big south swell would hit Newport Beach, big wave riders would come out and line-up off the end of the jetty in wait for a wave that cracked and crumbled off the end. The ride was over 100 yards and culminated in a killer barrel if the sandbar was right. From the shore, the men who dared earned respect as they stayed in for the inside ride. P–sies would cut out, just sayin.

Occasionally, as pictured above, the wave would line up and rides would push to the middle of the beach. It was rare back in the day but is more common today. The sandbar has changed. In these cases, the inside wave takes on a completely different dynamic longer and the barrels isn’t nearly as big.