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California School Dashboard Provides Glimpse Into Continuous Improvement Efforts

(NMUSD) is proud to continue to make strides toward the ’s goal of pre-2019 academic levels, focusing on early literacy and the expansion of learning opportunities. Those efforts are visible in the . We are committed to continuous improvement and appreciate the power of the Dashboard as an essential tool in that process. We are transparent in our commitment to meet the needs of all students, and data visualized in this way confirms the board’s goal for educational excellence at all schools. (which is from the 2021-22 school year) shows that NMUSD continues to meet standards in the areas of instructional materials and facilities, implementation of academic standards, parent and family engagement, local climate survey, and access to broad courses of study. NMUSD also has high graduation rates and high performance results in English language arts standardized testing. The Dashboard shows that our system-wide response to chronic absenteeism must be improved, and we look forward to partnering with families across our district to reiterate the value of school attendance and the support services to mitigate barriers. When our talented and dedicated teachers are given the opportunity to work directly with students, we know the results are powerful. Every moment matters for instruction, and we understand our role in establishing lifelong habits for success including commitment, dedication and perseverance. We are diligent in our efforts to meet the needs of all students, in particular the needs of our foster youth students and students with disabilities, who are included in all our conversations and decision-making. We take pride in the resilience of our staff and students following the pandemic and understand that the ripples of the crisis and state-mandated school closures are visible in our classrooms today. We will be partnering with local school districts who share our concerns about chronic absenteeism both in our county and throughout the state. We are returning to pre-pandemic levels of achievement and will continue to excel.
Source: CDM High School New

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