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City Council Adopts New Short-Term Rental Regulations

At the Newport Beach City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 14, the council approved new regulations that will allow more oversight of Newport Beach’s short-term rental housing.

The new regulations will, among other changes, prohibit short-term rentals to anyone under 21 years of age and establish maximum occupancy limits based on existing Building and Fire Code requirements.

Property owners will be required to post helpful information for visitors in their rental units, in a prominent area, such as owner/operator contact information, City ordinances on gatherings and noise, street sweeping schedules and other pertinent material.

Owners will also need to provide the City with a response plan to address municipal code violations by their guests and provide an emergency, 24-hour contact person who can respond to complaints within 30 minutes.

Owners will be required to include their rental permit number in all advertisements so that the City can identify legal and illegal property rentals. City staff will work with online platforms to reduce and eliminate illegal rentals.

The City is establishing a 24-hour hotline aimed at addressing non-emergency issues. The Police Department will continue to respond to excessive noise complaints, public intoxication, and other immediate concerns.

The Council had previously discussed, but did not adopt, additional measures such as minimum parking requirements, exterior signage, and a cap on the total number of short-term rentals in the City.

The official ordinance and additional information will be posted on the City’s web site at and will go into effect August 13, 2020.

Rental owner/operators and visitors are encouraged to check the City web site for further updates.

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Source: Newport Beach Independent

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