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Dory Deli Serves Up the Official Cocktail of Newport Beach

Enjoying the new Dawn Patrol cocktail are (L to R) Andrew Gabriel, co-owner of Lounge Group and Dory Deli; Visit Newport Beach Senior Vice President & CMO Ashley Johnson; Visit Newport Beach President & CEO Gary Sherwin; Mario Marovic, co-owner of Lounge Group and Dory Deli.

Did you know Newport Beach now has an official cocktail?

Dory Deli and Visit Newport Beach have announced that a creative concoction called “Dawn Patrol” is now the Official Cocktail of Newport Beach.

The cocktail puts a twist on the classic espresso martini with the addition of ingredients inspired by the salt and sand of the coastline.

The recipe features Flecha Azul Reposado Tequila, a fresh-pulled shot of MoonGoat espresso, house made brown sugar and sea salt syrup, and coffee and vanilla liqueurs. The finishing touch is a creamy chocolate and crunchy biscuit Pocky stick garnish.

According to information from Visit Newport Beach, each ingredient was carefully thought out from the locally roasted MoonGoat espresso and beach-inspired brown sugar and sea salt syrup to the Flecha Azul Reposado Tequila.

Dawn Patrol cocktail

Dawn Patrol was one of four candidates for the city’s official cocktail, which was tasted and voted on by a panel of four judges including Visit Newport Beach’s President & CEO, Gary Sherwin, and Senior Vice President & CMO, Ashley Johnson.

The other two judges were Mario Marovic and Andrew Gabriel, co-owners of Lounge Group and Dory Deli. Marovic was honored last December by incoming Mayor Will O’Neill as “someone who has invested in businesses, who lives in Newport Beach, someone who had been threatened by the restaurant closures in March 2020 yet still found a way to help his employees and low-income seniors.”

O’Neill then presented Marovic with keys to the city, noting that Marovic had also been named Newport Beach Businessman of the Year in 2022.

“The espresso martini is experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity worldwide, especially in markets like Orange County where quality coffee and coffeehouses are favored,” explains Ashleigh Wiehl, Dory Deli Marketing Director. “For a busy town with a work hard, play hard mentality, we knew it was the perfect template to use for the signature cocktail of Newport Beach.”

“Visit Newport Beach is absolutely thrilled to be bringing the official cocktail of Newport Beach to locals and visitors alike to enjoy beachside at Dory Deli,” said Ashley Johnson. “Crafted with locally sourced ingredients and a touch of coastal inspiration, Dawn Patrol seamlessly embodies the energy of our bustling community with the laid-back essence of our destination.”

Dawn Patrol is launched with the help of Mark Wahlberg, principal investor of Flecha Azul Tequila, who will be introducing it in a special Instagram and Facebook video.

“So, you know what happens when an iconic espresso martini meets iconic tequila? Magic,” says Wahlberg. “The next time I’m in Newport Beach, you better come down and meet me at Dory Deli and order one of these Dawn Patrols. Trust me.”

In case you have not been to Dori Deli, the seaside cafe & eatery just steps from the Newport Pier serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as coffee drinks and craft cocktails.

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