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Elementary Schools to Transition to Full Day Instruction on April 21

Dear Parents, Students and Staff, As I shared last week, we would be working diligently to create plans to bring our elementary students back full time. We are pleased to announce that all NMUSD elementary schools will return to full day instruction beginning Wednesday, April 21, 2021. On April 21 each elementary school will return to the 2019-2020 schedule that was in place prior to COVID. Start and end times will also be the same as the 2019-20 schedule. All students will report to school at the designated start time and there will no longer be an AM/PM cohort or hybrid schedule. We will continue to adhere to the CDPH guidelines which include face coverings and other safety measures. Space between seating and desks in classrooms will be maximized. Efforts will be made to maintain six feet but no less than 4 feet. Mitigating safety measures have also been taken in all classrooms including optimizing ventilation, HEPA air cleaners, and plexiglass between students. Principals, teachers, and District departments will continue to work together on detailed plans for a smooth and safe transition back to full day instruction. There is still much to be finalized over the next four weeks. As we approach the start date school site-specific information will be provided by principals. The District website now includes a that provides general information and answers to some commonly asked questions. We are also committed to transition our secondary students to full day as soon as possible and will continue to work towards that goal. Today, the CDC updated its guidance on social distancing which is an important step in removing a key challenge for all schools. The CDC revision also validates that schools are safe when layers of safety measures are in place. With this new CDC guidance, the California Department of Public Health will now consider amendments to the state and county guidance that all California schools must follow. We will closely monitor the updates and work towards a full day as soon as possible. As a reminder, we have also committed to full day instruction for the fall for both elementary and secondary schools and any changes in distance requirements will further assist in achieving this goal. We all need to do our part to adhere to the guidelines to continue our downward trend of COVID-19 cases in our county so that we may keep moving towards normalcy as well as more flexibility within the state safety guidelines in the future. Thank you for your support and patience as we continue to prepare for this next important step. Sincerely, Russell Lee-Sung Superintendent
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