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Intersection of Art, Science, Technology, Visual Storytelling, and Action

Photo by ©Wildlife Jewels® | A Heermann’s Gull enjoying the beach at Little Corona del Mar Beach during King Tides sitting over the Wildlife Jewels® signature hand-painted gemstone.

Wildlife Jewels® Unique Approach to Wildlife Conservation

All over the world, wildlife is facing alarming challenges due to threats posed by human activities. In the coastal communities of Corona Del Mar and Solana Beach, California, Wildlife Jewels shines as a ray of light for marine life facing individual and collective threats from human activities. More specifically, Founder and Executive Director, Azi Sharif, leads Wildlife Jewels® as a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting wildlife through a fusion of art, science, technology, and community engagement. Since their formation in July 2023, Wildlife Jewels has initiated ambitious conservation programs and collaborative initiatives aimed at combating wildlife crime, advancing wildlife rescue efforts to new heights, and spearheading impactful ocean conservation endeavors.

The reality is that our oceans and coastal wildlife are facing an urgent crisis. From harmful algae blooms to plastic pollution and entanglement in fishing gear, marine life is struggling to survive in a progressively adverse environment. Throughout her lifelong passion for—and devotion to—wildlife, Sharif has witnessed these challenges first-hand along the Orange County and San Diego coastline.

“I’ve observed gulls with fishing hooks lodged in their bills, sea lions tangled in fishing lines, seabirds and marine mammals stranded due to domoic acid poisoning, and oil-covered and deceased cormorants,” She recounted. These types of heartbreaking scenes have fueled her mission and her will to take action.

In 2014, Sharif founded the Wildlife Jewels Collections of Fine Arts & Fashion to raise awareness for the magnificent wildlife and the threats they face worldwide. In 2023, she founded the Wildlife Jewels 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization to protect these precious creatures. As part of their initiative to address some of the most difficult challenges coastal wildlife face, the organization has launched its Oceans Conservation Program.

Created to protect ocean life, the program operates through a creative blend of fine arts, fashion, science, technology, and community engagement. One of the primary initiatives under the program is the “Marine Debris Cleanup and Wildlife Tales” program. This actionable course combines art workshops, educational events, and informative guided beach cleanups to raise awareness about unique wildlife and marine conservation. Via the mechanism of storytelling and the vibrancy of the creative arts, Wildlife Jewels® engages with the community and empowers individuals to take daily action to protect our coastal creatures

Photo by ©Wildlife Jewels Gorgeous Royal Terns enjoying the beach at Crystal Cove State Park

On the 21st of April, Wildlife Jewels held a special “Sweep and Learn for Wildlife” beach cleanup and walk in honor of Earth Day. The community gathered at Corona del Mar State Beach, where they participated in beach cleanup activities and gained insights into the local Orange County wildlife inhabitants. They collected a variety of litter, including plastic cups, bottle caps, microplastics, and large bundles of tangled fishing lines.

Photo by ©Wildlife Jewels | Wildlife Jewels® Earth Day “Sweep & Learn for Wildlife Walk” beach cleanup Corona del Mar, 21 April 2024

You can join Wildlife Jewels in their upcoming cleanups and wildlife exploration events, where you can make a tangible impact and uncover the incredible journeys of unique wildlife. By participating in cleanup activities and engaging with the fascinating narratives of local marine species, you can play a vital role in preserving our ocean life.

Beyond beach cleanups, Wildlife Jewels offers various programs for community involvement, including the “Wildlife Jewels Rescue Collective Group” and the “Wildlife Jewels Wildlife Watch” programs. These initiatives were founded to unite communities and promote collaborations among wildlife advocates, tech innovators, government agencies, NGO’s, veterinarians, and wildlife rehabilitation groups worldwide, for prompt, efficient wildlife protection and rescue.

Aside from making the most impact today, Wildlife Jewels® also envisions expanding its reach and impact and protecting wildlife well into the future. By mixing and utilizing the powers of arts, fashion, science, technology, and collaboration, Wildlife Jewels aims to educate and inspire individuals to value living wildlife and take impactful actions to save them.

For those who are interested in helping, individuals and potential partners can support Wildlife Jewels®’ mission by joining their volunteer team, participating in their education and conservation programs, donating to their cause, and shopping from their Wildlife Jewels Collections Conservation Capsule.

“Every wildlife is unique, and every individual matters! Please join us in our efforts to protect and preserve our precious wildlife.”

Photo by ©Wildlife Jewels | Wildlife Jewels® Earth Day “Sweep & Learn for Wildlife Walk” beach cleanup Corona del Mar, 21 April 2024

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