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The Mayor’s Table at Lido House Hotel Serves Memorable Burger and New Summer Menu

Mayor’s Table cheeseburger

In my ongoing quest to find the best burgers in Newport Beach, I headed to The Mayor’s Table at Lido House Hotel, where Executive Chef and Partner Riley Huddleston is serving a memorable cheeseburger and award-winning fries.

The cheeseburger is a hefty half pound of American wagyu beef topped with cheddar cheese, heritage bacon, umami grilled onion, and garlic aioli, served with chef’s famous fries. Prior to coming to So Cal, Huddleston owned Boise Fry Company in Idaho, which won several Best Fries titles. Those are the fries served at the Mayor’s Table, and they are indeed amazing fries.

According to Huddleston, to make a perfect burger you can’t skimp on ingredients.

“Our bacon is pecan smoked and it’s thicker—you need that bite. It’s all about texture in a burger, and simplicity. If you put too much on a burger it loses what a burger is about.”

Huddleston also tried many different buns before settling on what he considers the perfect bun for his burger.

Mayor’s Table chef Riley Huddleston copy

“I tried many different buns—seeded and not seeded. A brioche bun is too much, too rich. And then the onion, if it’s not grilled it takes away from the meat flavor, and a burger is all about the meat.”

The Mayor’s Table cheeseburger holds up to the hype, and the fries are addicting—the seasoning is outstanding.

I returned to The Mayor’s Table a few weeks later when Huddleston launched a new dinner menu that includes experiential and tableside offerings. This overhaul marks the most significant change to the Mayor’s Table menu since its inception in 2018.

According to press information, the new menu is the collaborative efforts of Huddleston, Executive Chef Jonathan de la Cruz, and Chef de Cuisine Nicholas Escobar and showcases their take on reimagined American cuisine.

Huddleston calls the new menu “exciting, experiential, and approachable as well as intentionally sourced and thoughtfully crafted. Our goal is to create unforgettable dining experiences that engage all the senses, while honoring local ingredients and the dedicated artisans behind them.”

Shareable starters include a Spring Onion Dip served with housemade pillow bread, and Banana & Caviar Service with sherry-roasted banana puree topped with Petrossian caviar and a side stack of banana blinis.

Tableside offerings range from Weiser Farms’ Beet Tartare (a vegetarian twist on the classic steak dish), a Charcoal-Grilled Tomahawk, and aromatic Lido Chowder served with bacon broth siphoned over grilled seafood.

Charred octopus at The Mayor’s Table

The dish that tempted my palate was Charred Spanish Octopus with harrisa (chili pepper paste), torn potatoes and garlic aioli. It’s a hearty dish, and the octopus is tender and filling.

Another new option is a culinary journey called “Dine Like a Mayor,” a prix-fixe menu featuring Huddleston’s daily selection of starters, entrees, and desserts.

Mayor’s Table is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as brunch on weekends. In addition to its patios and dining room, the restaurant also features a cozy fireplace lounge, a lively central bar area, and a 14-seat private dining Captain’s Table.

And for those who wonder about the name, The Mayor’s Table and Lido House Hotel are on the site of Newport’s old city hall.

Visit for more details.

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